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Our Committment To Your Safety

We fully understand that we currently live in a different world, and our customers will want to know that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety and hygiene of our establishment.

We have always considered cleanliness to be the most important part of our success. Our cleaning regimes will not only remain of the highest calibre, but be further enhanced by both daily deep cleaning and following all Covid 19 government and hospitality industry recommendations.  We will ensure we have the best tools at our disposal, allowing us to ensure our B&B is spotlessly clean to greatly reduce the risk of getting a virus from people. 

We have changed many of our daily practices and services to minimise the risk of contracting and spreading the Corona Virus. All of these rules will be constantly revised and subject to change, in accordance with government advice and “best practices”. 


These major changes include: -

For your safety, we have completely revised our cleaning regime for rooms and public spaces.

Until the end of the crisis period, we will wear masks in all customer areas and we will ask our customers to respect the social distance between us.


All  breakfast food is prepared here in our on-site kitchen and only by ourselves. We have no employees or people entering our kitchens from outside our company. All food suppliers will also adhere to our strict hygiene rules to reduce the risk of contamination

The dining room is open for breakfast for residents only. All guests must remain seated at their table at all times and we ask all parents / guardians to ensure that children also follow this rule. Customers must disinfect their hands before arriving and also after leaving the dining room. Tables will be located 2 meters apart and a maximum group size of 4 people is allowed.

All previous elements of self-service have been temporarily removed (juice, cereal, toast, fruit). These will be delivered directly to your table.

We will operate a pre-order system for breakfast with orders being placed the prior evening.

We will operate a 2 shift breakfast system, 08:30- 09:15, 09:30-10:15. Time slots will be booked on a first come basis.

We will make use of  both our dining room and bar area for breakfast to guarantee social distancing.

We do apologies for the restrictions these procedures bring to our guests but we are sure they will be fully understood.

Drinks (alcohol & soft) will be available during your stay but we encourage customers to stay away from the bar area and to contact us via internal communication systems when ordering drinks (the bell at the reception or Whatsapp) . 


When you walk in the public areas of our hotel where the chances of contact with other customers are increased, we ask you respect social distance.

Decorative bed items (bed runners, patterned cushions) will be removed from our beds during the health crisis. Each bed will always offer freshly and hygienically cleaned linen. We apologise that our rooms may lack some of decorating features normally present but it is in the interests of guest safety.

Check-in and check-out will be done with “social distance” in mind . The payment of your stay can be made remotely, using the bank card of your choice, the invoice for your stay will be automatically sent by email on the day of your departure after breakfast.

Hand cleaning with an appropriate solution when arriving at our establishment is compulsory. A cleaning station will be available at the entrance area so that you can use it before and after visiting public areas.

For stays of more than one consecutive night, during this period of higher risk, and in order to respect your personal space, we will not perform room service during your stay. However, new towels and other supplies will be available on request. For longer stays, we will be happy to do a bathroom clean but this will be by request only. Essentially we want you to be assured that there will be no entry and risk of contamination to your room unless specifically requested.

We invite you to contact us before your stay so that we can explain our limited services and any potential updates to our policies that are in place to protect you and us. 

If one of our customers shows non-compliance with our policies and government directives, they will be asked to leave the premises immediately, billing for the stay will remain applicable.

If one of our customers shows symptoms of viruses likely to harm other customers and ourselves, they will be asked to leave immediately, the services consumed will be invoiced.

And don't forget - Until further notice, you must ensure that your reservation meets current government travel restrictions.

Guests who have been contacted by the Government's Track and Trace process within the previous 14 day period may not stay at the B&B.

Despite the necessary rules and restrictions, we want to assure you that we will continue to offer you our best service and we will continue to do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Because government travel rules will be constantly revised, we have introduced much more flexible terms for bookings when booking directly with the B&B. This will allow you to modify your reservation up to 48 hours before the arrival date. Reservations made on other booking platforms will be subject to their general conditions. 


Our “direct” prices are also cheaper

We thank you for understanding and your cooperation.

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