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Summary of Temporary Changes to Service Due to COVID19


First and foremost we would like to apologies for changes in our usual service brought about by the current COVID19 situation. We are closely following government and industry guidelines but most importantly we want to reassure our guests that your safety is paramount to us.


Guests are asked not to travel if:

  • ·They have a fever or high temperature, a persistent cough, or respiratory problems

  • They have been in contact with someone with COVID19 in the previous 2 weeks

  • They have been told to self-isolate by the government test & trace process



Depending on the number of guests staying, we will operate a 2-shift breakfast system.

08:30 – 09:15

09:30 – 10:00


We will operate a pre-order system for breakfast with orders being placed the prior evening


All guests must remain seated at their table at all times and we ask all parents / guardians to ensure that children also follow this rule. Guests must disinfect their hands before arriving and also after leaving the dining room. 


Tables will be located 2 meters apart.

All normal elements of self-service have been temporarily removed (juice, cereal, toast, fruit). These will be delivered directly to your table.


If required we will make use of both our dining room and bar area for breakfast to guarantee social distancing.


Check-In and Check-Out

Check-in’s and Check-Out’s will be done with “social distance” in mind.

A remote Registration Form will be sent prior to your stay, which will make your check-in quicker if completed in advance


We can only do one check-in at a time. If you arrive just after another guest, we will ask you kindly to wait a few moments until they have departed for their room.


Payment for your stay can be made remotely, using a bankcard of your choice. A payment link will be sent if you are happy to make a remote payment.

Cash Payments or machine payments are also okay if this is your preferred method to pay.


Your keys will have been disinfected prior to your arrival


Tea and coffee will still be offered on your welcoming arrival​ but we understand you may want to minimise contact with us and make your way straight to your room.


Room Servicing

We will respect your personal space during your stay and will not enter your room without permission.


For stay’s less than 3 consecutive nights, we will not automatically perform a room service. However, new towels and other supplies will be readily available on request. Bin bags should be left outside your door after breakfast.


Bathroom cleans and bins will be available on request so please let Tracy or Ian know if you would like this done. Your room windows must be left open for 1 hour prior to this.


For stays longer than 5 consecutive nights, we will provide a full bed change service and full bathroom clean midway through your stay.


Ultimately our aim is to reassure you that there will be no entry, and therefore risk of contamination, to your room during your stay. We will only enter via specific request.


Bar & Drinks

Alcohol and soft drinks will still be available during your stay and may be taken to your room if you wish. Contact will be available via a bell in the bar area. We will strictly adhere to the current government guidelines with regard to the bar area so sitting in the bar may be on a first come basis (depending on the current ‘meter spaced’ rule.


Room Decorative Items

Decorative bed items (bed runners, cushions) will be removed from our beds during the restrictive period. We apologise that our rooms may lack some of decorating features normally present but it is in the interests of guest safety.



A hand cleaning station will be available at the entrance porch, hallway, and bar. Guests are requested to sanitise hands prior to entering the property


During the restrictive period, Tracy and Ian will wear masks in all guest areas and we will respect the social distance between us. We would like to highlight however that this is our home as well as our business. You may therefore likely see us coming and going without our mask on if we don’t expect to see you but we will ensure social distancing if this occurs.

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